Award Categories

Award Categories

Reverse Logistics Associations

Sustainability Excellence Award

This award is presented to an individual or company or agency within the end-to-end Supply Chain that has implemented innovative methods to reduce emissions, lower packaging content, implement recycling or use of recycled materials or have made progress towards other measurable sustainability goals.

Key criteria: Innovation, Overall Impact and Results, Sustainability of Solution

Transportation Provider of the Year

Transportation Provider of the Year-2
Transportation Provider of the Year 2018The movement of materials, resources and goods provide the critical backbone of the end-to-end Supply Chain. This award is presented to an asset-based transportation provider in Metro Atlanta that operated at the highest levels of performance.

Key criteria: Shipper Partnerships to Drive Efficiencies, On-time Service (pickup/delivery), Safety Percentage per Million Miles, Driver Turnover, Sustainability Initiatives

Freight Forwarder of the Year

Arnall Golden GregoryFreight Forwarder of The Year AwardThis award is given to a non-asset based, freight forwarding company who best demonstrates innovative thinking, global expertise, transparency, industry-leading technology and deep industry knowledge
necessary to stand out as industry leaders in the Atlanta freight forwarding industry.

Key criteria: Operational Performance, Year on Year (YOY) Growth, Network Reach, E-Business, Customer
Satisfaction, Tech savviness

Sourcing Excellence Award

Sourcing Excellence Award Atlanta Supply Chain AwardsGeorgia PacificThis award recognizes an individual or company that has demonstrated excellence in their sourcing operations. As an example, the achievement could be improving the strategic sourcing process or significantly developing supplier relationships or restructuring the procurement process or organization. Alternatively, perhaps you have completed an innovative sourcing/procurement project that delivered excellence through tangible results to the bottom and top line of the business. Be recognized for these critical contributions and submit your nomination.

Key criteria: Innovation, Overall Impact and Results, Sustainability of Solution

Manufacturing Excellence Award

Manufacturing Excellence AwardThis award recognizes Metro Atlanta manufacturers that are leveraging their Supply Chain for competitive advantage. Using innovation to improve Supply Chain of manufactured goods such as sub-assemblies, packaging, inventory management, shipper of choice behavior.

Key criteria: Innovation, Overall Impact and Results, Sustainability of Solution

Warehousing & Fulfillment Excellence Award

This award is given to an Atlanta-based company for their successes in running successful warehousing and fulfillment operations. Developing adaptive operations to support the evolution of the multiple channel warehouse in pursuit of the perfect order.

Key criteria: Service Levels, Growth, Innovation, Workforce Consistency, Channel Evolution, Employee Satisfaction, Sustainability

Logistics Culture Award

Team One Logistics

This award is given to an Atlanta area based company for their successes in implementing progressive programs that support and maintain a culture of growth and community impact. The recipient has created a clear environment that encourages their employees and partners to “raise the bar” in an ever changing and complex industry.  This company understands that logistics is now and will always be powered by people and demonstrates that a family-first culture is core to its success.    

Key Criteria:  Culture, Growth, Community, Workforce, Service, Leadership

Supply Chain Innovation of the Year

Georgia Innovation LogisticsAtlanta Regional CommissionThis award is given to an Atlanta area-based company for their successes in implementing innovative solutions that have produced quantifiable and sustainable improvements to their supply chain operations. Innovation can be defined as new processes, new technology, or new applications of old processes and technology that create quantifiable and sustainable results in terms of cost savings, revenue, customer satisfaction, etc. These innovations must meet the threshold of being impactful, sustainable, unconventional, collaborative and measurable. The goal is to recognize innovative approaches to supply chain excellence that result in a step change in business performance.

Key criteria: Impact, Originality, Concept, Value

Other Awards to be Announced:

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  • Supply Chain Pioneer Award

  • Bright Future Award

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